Sanibel Oral History Collection


The Sanibel Memory Project is supported with a grant from the Roni Jo Freer Fund of the Sanibel Public Library Foundation


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Sanibel History  – Marty and Mary Holtz July 27, 1992 

Nutmeg House, High Tide Cottages – Evelyn Pearson, Betty Sears, and Barbara Billheimer January 28, 1992

Sanibel Lighthouse 
Bob and Mae England 1946-49

Sanibel Shell Fair – A Trip Through Time

Confessional of a Preacher man’s Son – A Trip Through Time

Sanibel Captiva Mosquito Control – Wayne Miller Francis Bailey and John Kontinos

Shelling and the Shell Club March 1992 – Mary Aleck and Edith Mugridge

Oral History Project February 1992 – Sam and Francis Bailey

Spanish Explorers Sanibel and Charlotte Harbor April 24 1991- Lindsey Williams 

Sanibel Oral History Project March 24 1992 – Alan Nave Jo and Jim Pickens

Life in Paradise Stories of Sanibel March 22, 1992 – Milbrey Rushworth and Mary Bell

Sanibel Wildlife

Early Sanibel 1910 Hurricane – Carrie Reed Ebsworth

Sanibel Ferry, 1926 and 1944 Hurricanes – Jerry Lauer, Al Dobbs, In Bailey’s Store

Sanibel Public Library 30th Birthday November 18 1992

Family History of Dormer’s on Sanibel – Elinore Dormer 1920

Kinzie Boat Line – Charlotte Kinzie White, Elinor Dormer, Kinzie and Eyber Families

Esperanza Woodring On the Water – Sanibel Oral History

Sanibel Oral History – Hilda and George Winfred Wiles January 1944

Building the Causeway Bridge – Hugo Lindgren​

​Grandson of JN Ding Darling – Kip Koss April 1 1998

Interview with Bob Buntrock April 4 1999

Sanibel School Late 1930s-40s John Powell

​Interview with Charles LeBuff 3/11/92

Bailey Brothers on the Family Business 03-26-93

Sanibel No Sound

Casa Ybel Sanibel Florida

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Roni J. Freer Fund 

Sanibel Oral History Collection, part of the Sanibel Memory Project, is supported with a grant from the Roni J Freer Fund of the Sanibel Public Library Foundation. The Sanibel Public Library Foundation, Inc., is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization supporting the Sanibel Public Library and reading and literacy in Southwest Florida. In the past 10 years the Foundation has provided more than $1 million in grants and gifts to the Sanibel Public Library. Sponsored programs include support to enhance and enrich Library experiences. Some of the Foundation’s key areas of support include technology initiatives. The Foundation supports the Library’s goals of providing leading edge technology and provides startup funds for  the Sanibel Memory Project.  For more information and contributions please visit the Sanibel Public Library Foundation