New Service: Freegal

  • Downloadable music service for Sanibel Public Library card holders
  • Download up to three songs or videos per week. The “count” resets at 12 AM every Monday. Freegal offers access to about 15 million songs, including Sony Music’s catalog. You can keep songs when you download to your computer. In addition, you can also stream three hours of music per week.
  • Songs can be downloaded in an MP3 format from a computer using the Freegal Website or from a mobile device using the Freegal App

Using Freegal on a Computer
Go to and go to eShelf, then choose Freegal  …

or go to:, scroll to the Freegal logo

  • Point your cursor on Login button (top right)
  •  Enter your 14-digit Sanibel Public Library Card Number and PIN.

PIN is last four digits of your Library card (unless you’ve changed it)

Getting Music

  •  Browse for music, or use the search bar to search for artists, songs, or albums
  • Find a song to download or add to your wish list
  • Click Download Now (down arrow) to the right of the song name
  • At the prompt, select Save File and choose where you want to save the song on your
    computer (typically Windows Media Player or iTunes)
  • Once it is downloaded on your computer, it can then be transferred to a portable device.  A download usage counter is located in the upper right corner displaying your weekly allotment. For instance, 1/3 means that you have a weekly limit of three downloads, and you have used one of those downloads.

Transferring from computer to iTunes

  • Open iTunes
  • Click on Music
  • Click and drag the song files from Desktop into the Music folder
    The next time you sync your device, the Freegal file will be both on your “home base”
    computer and your mobile device.

Mobile Apps
Freegal mobile apps are currently available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store for Android phone and Tablets, (iPad etc.)

Get the Freegal app for
iPhone / iPad / iTouch Google Play

Using Freegal with your Mobile App

  • After you have downloaded the app to your device
  • Find Sanibel Public Library Card in the search box by typing the zip code 33957 or city name “Sanibel”
  • Enter your 14-digit Sanibel Public Library Card Number and PIN.

PIN is last four digits of your Library card (unless you’ve changed it)

 Getting Music with your App

  • Browse for music, or search using the magnifying glass icon
  • Blue arrow to the left of song title are used to play song clips or samples
  • Download a song by tapping the grey dots to the right of the song name
  • Play songs by clicking on My Music in the menu along the bottom of the screen
  • You can also create Playlists to organize your music

For information about using the app with Kindle Fire and for other frequently asked questions, go to

You can also stream music with the hoopla app, another Sanibel Public Library service. Hoopla also offers an enormous selection of digital video (movies and TV shows), eBooks and comics.

Click here for Hoopla

The “Your Library Reimagined” project is underway at Sanibel Public Library. During the project, a portion of the building will be closed to the public while the infrastructure is updated.

Sanibel Public Library cards are available to all residents of Sanibel and Lee County, Florida, at no charge. Visitor library cards are available for a $10 annual fee. For more information about the Sanibel Public Library, call (239) 472-2483 or visit online at

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